How to create a UYSA/Affinity roster

Showcase 2021

  1. Log into your UYSA account.
  2. Click on the Teams tab underneath your family information.
  3. A new window at the bottom will appear with two tabs. Click on the Teams tab.
  4. Click on the Team Info tab in the new window. You will be able to see your team roster.
  5. Click on the Tournament Roster tab.
  6. Click Create New Request
  7. Enter all tournament details below then click Save & Continue
    1. Tournament Name: Rage FC Showcase
    2. Federation: UYSA
    3. Event Start Date: Feb 12, 2021 End Date: Feb 15, 2021
    4. City: St George
    5. State: Utah
    6. Postal Code: 84790
    7. Director First Name: Jose Director Last Name: Gaona
    8. Director Phone: 435-632-7252
    9. Email:
  8. This will bring you to your team roster page. Review your team roster.
  9. To Add Guest Players
    1. Click the Add Player/Admin button on the right-hand corner.
    2. Choose the Roster Role from the drop-down menu & enter the Player ID #.
    3. Click Save & Continue.

    All guest players are required to fill out a Player Action Form, signed by their coach.

  10. Click on the Review & Submit tab and click Submit Application.
  11. Click on the Review button.
  12. Click Print Photo Roster button.
  13. Your roster will be generated with player photos. Export the roster to a PDF to print a copy.