Check-In Instructions and Details

2021 RageFC Showcase

For the upcoming Rage FC Showcase, we will be using a mandatory On-Line Check-in. All documents necessary to compete in the event must be uploaded to your team’s Got Soccer account to be reviewed by tournament staff.

Please read the following in its entirety as it contains important information about event registration


  1. Log on to your GotSoccer team page
  2. Click on “Rage FC Showcase” under “Event Registration History”
  3. Click on the “Documents” tab on the far right
  4. Select “Document Name/Description” for each document type from the drop-down box
  5. Load Documents

All uploaded files should be in PDF format.

The following documents must be uploaded into your team’s GotSoccer account no later than February 5th.


  1. Rosters
    • Utah teams or teams in the UYSA system must create an Official UYSA/Affinity generated Tournament/Travel Roster with photos. This roster MUST list every player, with jersey number and coach associated with the team, including guest players.
    • Out of state teams must provide an Official Approved/Certified Roster from your State/National Association that list every player with a jersey number AND a current Photo Player Card for every player (including guests) and every coach. Please scan multiple cards to an 8.5”x11” sheet of paper and upload them. Coaches cards can be scanned separately.
  2. Rage FC Showcase Health Guidelines and Practices signed by coach and team manager.  The Covid-19 Release form requesting signatures from all parents/guardians will NO longer be needed.  The Rage FC Showcase is going to rely on coaches and managers to handle protocol within your team.  Please make sure all attending are familiar with our guidelines to help ensure a safe event.
  3. Specialty Player Action Forms (if applicable): If you have guest players, you must have a Specialty Player Action Form (Guest/Loaned Player Form) signed by the loaning coach or club. Club passed players from within your Club still need this form.

In addition to the above documents, Medical Release forms must be present at all games per Tournament Rules. These forms DO NOT need to be uploaded.

**Multi-Rostering of Players is not allowed. If a player is found to have played on more than one team, all games the player participated in will be forfeited**

Tournament staff will review all uploaded documents and email APPROVED ROSTERS back to you.
Print and bring 4 copies of your approved roster with you to the tournament.
Prior to EVERY GAME 1 copy of the approved roster will be turned in to the referee.

Headquarter check-in will not be available this year. Any requested changes to an approved roster must be emailed to no later than February 11th.

Affinity roster information and instructions, click HERE