History of Rage FC

RAGE FC Utah was founded in May of 2014 when two enthusiastic soccer coaches embarked on a mission to build a reputable program that would offer development, competitive and elite play for youths ages 10-18 years, ultimately earning a collegiate scholarship for qualified players. RAGE FC was going to challenge players to be their best, with good coaching, clinics and training to support them. Coach Jose and coach Paul had known each other for a year, coach Jose was a member of FC Warriors, a club from Las Vegas and coach Paul had one independant team called Lightning. Coach Jose approached coach Paul, inviting him to join the Warrior family, a great soccer club run by Ron Pareda, he soon agreed. When they discussed the details, membership fees and club affiliation, it was clear that all southern Utah teams would continue to operate under the auspices of the FC Warriors from Las Vegas. In order to truly have a Club, built from the ground up, where they could implement their own ideas, training, uniform, name, self governance and vision, it would mean starting a new Club and saying goodby to their good friends at FC Warriors. The two immediately began to work on each’s strength, Jose building teams, soliciting players and parents and Paul on all the structure, website concept and content. Jose talked amicably with Ron and shared the vision of wanting to venture out and create a new Club with Paul, as any dreamer would. Ron, demonstrating great class and respect, supported his friend, wishing him well, as any good head coach would for an assistant coach getting their first opportunity to move on into a head coach position. All ties with the Las Vegas FC Warriors club were not severed, joint competitive relations continue and will explore ideas for bringing European coaches to southern Utah for summer training. The journey had begun.

Soon coach meetings were held, Paul and Jose would share their vision and debated over the future name of the Club. Many names were put on the table; Warriors, Rebels, Lightning,Thunder, Rage, strong opinions were made and so it was agreed to let the players decide, after all it was going to be their Club. Thunder and Lightning struck and RAGE FC was the consensus favorite! Perfect. The Club had a strong name identity, no debating on uniform colors, all overwelmingly agreed to having a Red Home Jersey, White Away Jersey, Red Shorts and Red or White Socks. Next came Tryouts, with no certainty of how many teams would form, since several of the FC Warrior coaches departed on aspirations of building their own Clubs, surprisingly there was a large turnout, thanks largely in part to Jose’s positive and tireless communication with players and parents, and several very helpful team moms. At the end of the day there were eight teams formed and soon after a clinic was conducted in late July by Coach Saldain, a reputable Southern California coach from Royal High School, a school which has a staunch and proudful soccer program in the highly competitive state.

That June the State of Utah accepted and approved the Club as a Non Profit Organization, a key part of the vision, one that ensures the Club and players are the recipients of all the money generated from fees, Sponsorships or Donations. Financial support for economically challenged parents and players is a focus for the Club. By July 2014 the first Board Meeting was held, it was overseen by its first Club President,
Jose Gaona, Vice President, Mike Terry and Secretary, Jennifer Mild. Two new members were voted in, Treasurer, Alicia MacArthur and Paul Miravete, as Director of Coaching. Jose immediately got to work on the uniform and logo design for RAGE FC, collaborating with his son Angel, a U16 player. Paul focused on the website’s concept and content, forwarding all material and ideas to Dustin Garr, a parent of a player who owns a website business and offered his talents to help bring the site to life, ragefcutah.com. Everything fell into place.

Soccer gained momentum in the USA following the 2014 World Cup in Brasil and
RAGE FC is focused on building and delivering a good program for players commited in playing competitively. The Club strongly believes that there should be multiple competing Clubs in the Southern Utah area, thus promoting strong local competition, advancing teams that can compete well and show strength at the regional and national level. It began with passion, for soccer, for the players, with committed coaches and volunteers, and the tremendous support from the community, learning and embracing the worlds sport, and if your player and you share the passion, come join the RAGE family.