Date: June 17 2020
Location: UBI 1251 E 100 S St George UT 84770
Meeting Type: Regular

Officers Present
Tracy Mitchell

Members Present
Calindy Twede, Melodie Hardy

Tracy called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm.

Melodie made a motion, Calindy seconds, motion approved.

Motion to approve these Meeting Minutes by Tracy, Calindy Seconds, Motion Passed unanimously

Chairperson's Report
Tracy suggested the need to separate the DOC and Technical Director positions. He discussed the fact that UYSA is possibly taking over Kicks, which we will need to find a member of the board to attend the Kicks board meetings to coordinate between the SU-IRL and the Kicks Rec soccer program. He proposed getting a new DOC and making Jose the Technical Director and representative for Rage to attend the Kicks Board meetings. Tracy is meeting with Jose and Terry Ogden to discuss the change in role from DOC to Technical Director. We need to start looking at whats best for the kids and what is Best for Rage as a business.

Sergio asked questions about the role of Club Vice Chair, Tracy explained the role. Sergio proposed Head Coach be reimbursed at the end of the seasonal year. Coaches need a nice ball bag to start with the club and 2 shirts, pants or shorts, and hoodie or jacket, no need for shoes. For practice fields, we need a set schedule. For the safety of the younger players, age groups need to practice at different times. He would like to get a soccer camp scheduled. We need more coach accountability. Jose needs to be more organized. Maybe the DOC needs an assistant. Coaches should meet regularly/ monthly. We have discussed such things with Jose, our DOC, and it has not amounted to much as of now.

Sergio proposed a scholarship for Joaquin and Orlando Ramirez, Tracy made a motion, Melodie seconded, motion approved unanimously.

Treasurer's Report
Melodie presented the budget for the coming year. We have $6107.26 in Savings and $49699.60 in Checking. She presented the budget for the year broken down into categories. We need to revise the budget, and will do it after registration is complete and we have a better idea of the numbers and what we are working with.

Motion to adjourn by Tracy @ 9:50PM, Melodie seconded - Passed unanimously

Respectfully Submitted,
Calindy Twede
May 4, 2021