Date: February 18 2021
Location: UBI 1251 E 100 S St George UT 84790
Meeting Type: Regular

Officers Present
Tracy, Maria, Segio

Members Present
Melodie, Calindy
Jose Gaona, Eric Cruz, Josh (guest presenter)

Melodie Called the meeting to order at 7:26 pm.  Calindy seconds, motion passed unanimously.

Motion to approve these Meeting Minutes by
Passed/Failed on Apr 6th, 2021 @7:21PM

Eric Cruz presented the details of the rec league that Jose and him wants to start.

Treasurer's Report
Melodie presented the idea to have coaching fees paid directly to the club, and the club pays the coaches monthly, to keep better track of who has paid and who has financial obligations to the club when transferring, and also to make sure nobody over pays for any fees for coaches and tournaments. We also need to add a section for tournament fees and how coaches will payback the club for these expenses. We need to add it into the bylaws in the expenses section 2, payment obligations. Melodie and Calindy will work on getting this added to the bylaws, and getting a system setup to collect the fees within the club.

Sergio brought up the possibility of Rage helping cover extra expenses not covered by insurance when a player is injured at practice or a game. Melodie is checking on the legal side and liability.

Guest Presenter Josh presented an idea to help rebrand the club with a slideshow presentation. Jose and Eric will discuss whether they think he is important or necessary to the growth of this club.

Melodie made a motion to bring on Eric as DOC, Maria second's, motion passed unanimously.

Motion to adjourn @ 11:20PM by Melodie, Maria seconds, passed unanimously.

Respectfully Submitted,
Calindy Twede

Continuation of meeting on Feb 25th 2021,

Tracy, Calindy, Sergio, Melodie, and Maria were present. Eric (DOC) was also present.

7:07PM, Maria made a motion to call the meeting to order, Sergio second, motion passed unanimously.

Tracy Discussed whether we bring Josh in at this time. We decided we can build our club back up on our own. We need to the get culture the right culture back. We are going to go it alone at this time without Josh.

Going into a closed session of the meeting

7:44 PM Maria made a motion to adjourn the meeting, Sergio seconds, passed unanimously.
May 4, 2021