Date: October 28th 2019
Location: 392 Todd Place, Washington UT 84780
Meeting Type: Special

Officers Present:
Tracy Mitchell, Hector Reynoso, Chris Brown

Members Present:
Melodie Hardy, Calindy Twede

Tracy called the meeting to order at 7:45pm.  Hector seconded, unanimous acceptance.

Chairperson's Report:
Chris discussed issues about recruiting within the club, causing him to discuss switching clubs. Jose has been talking to players on Chris's 04/05 team.  We cannot have recruiting within the club, it's against UYSA policy, we are state affiliated, it is a big violation. We need to figure out how to deal with this situation for the good of the club and our coaches. Hector discussed that this has happened in the past. We need to meet to discuss policy to put in place so this doesn't continue to happen.

Director of coaching should coach a maximum of 1 team. He needs to communicate better between coaches and parents if there is a conflict or a player that wants to change teams.

Chris, Tracy and Calindy will meet with Jose to discuss the 2004 and 2005 players and how we are going to proceed moving forward into the spring season.

We are meeting with Jose on Wednesday, Oct 30th at 7PM

Tracy discussed the option of taking over the concessions at Sullivan Soccer Park.

It would be $1500/year to lease the concession stand to use the spot. We want to further explore the option, see the facility and move forward possibly. Then we will vote yay or nay.

Motion to adjourn - Passed

Respectfully Submitted,
Calindy Twede

May 3, 2021