Date: December 7, 2019
Location: UBI 1251 E 100 S St George UT 84770
Meeting Type: Regular

Officers Present
Tracy Mitchell, Hector Reynoso, Chris Brown (via conference call)

Members Present
Calindy Twede, Melodie Hardy (via conference call), Jose Gaona, Kim Simon

Tracy called the meeting to order at 11:20 am.

Motion to approve by Calindy, Melodie second - Meeting Minutes passed unanimously

Chairperson's Report
Tracy turned time over to Melodie for a Team Snap presentation, we watched the presentation and we will have a short meeting to discuss team snap in the near future. We probably don't need the website portion of teamsnap.

Director of Coaching Report
Jose talked about current teams registered for the tournament, so far there are 141 teams registered. Next email from UYSA will go out Dec 10th, 2019. We have enough fields right now to accommodate roughly 300 teams. He discussed the fields we have for the tournament and what games will be played at each location.

---Open Discussion---
Kim is going to talk to Tosh to have tents set up and available for medical attention.

Brennan from IHC sports performance came to talk to us about the Acceleration program here in St George to help our players progress at Soccer, prevent injuries. We need to discuss further if we want to partner with them.

Do we want concessions stand at Sullivan fields for $1500 for the calendar year. This includes utilities, fully equipped kitchen with grill, nacho equip, fridge/freezer, soda fountain, wifi access, etc. we would need to staff it.

Motion to adjourn - Passed

Respectfully Submitted,
Calindy Twede

May 3, 2021