Date: Sept 22, 2017
Location: Liberty Restoration Office
Meeting Type: Regular Meeting

Officers Present:
José Gaona, Mike Terry

Members Present:
Paul Miravete, Hector Reynoso, Calindy Twede

Mike Terry called the meeting to order at 7PM.

Technical Director Report:
Jose is getting a couple of teams to expand Rage FC to Las Vegas.

Vice Chair Report:

Secretary Report:

Treasurer Report:
Mike Terry Reported on the balance of Rage account and Fall expenses
Rage current account balance is $61,214.33

Committee Reports:
Paul talked about the 2017 Rage Tournament, 185 teams participated and we profited about $32,000.00. We are hoping to have 200-250 sign up for the 2018 tournament and profit about $40,000.00

New Business:

Move to Motion
• Add Calindy Twede to the board.
Motion Passe

Move to Motion
• Buy 3 sets of goals for $1500.00 from Jose
Motion Passed

Move to Motion
• Get a room at a hotel for Jose, our technical director for the Rage Tournament in 2018
Motion Passed

Move to Motion
• Hector wants to buy a club trailer for equipment & spend up to $3000.00
Motion Passed

Move to motion
• Mike appointed Paul to be the Rage 2018 Tournament Director
Motion Passed

Motion to adjourn passed at 7:57 PM

Respectfully Submitted,

Calindy Twede
RAGE FC Board Member

May 1, 2020

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