Date: March 27, 2019
Location: Liberty Restoration
Meeting Type: Regular Meeting

Officers Present:
Tracy Mitchell, Hector Reynoso, Chris Brown

Members Present:
Melodie Hardy, Calindy Twede

Tracy called the Meeting to Order at 6:55PM.

Melodie made a motion, Calindy seconded, motion was unanimously approved

Motion to approve Meeting Minutes by Melodie, Hector second, passed unanimously on Aug 24th, 2019 @11:26AM.

Chairperson’s Report:
Tracy introduced our Risk Management Coordinator, Kim Simon. She will be in charge of Safesport and concussion training for coaches, also clearing players to play when they have been flagged because of a concussion. He talked about club nights for the RSL game for $23 per ticket on June 29th and Utah Royals for $12 on July 27th. Tracy proposed that we pay for the players to attend. Calindy made a motion to pay for tickets for all players to attend at the clubs expense. Hector second’s, motion is unanimously passed.

We will hold tryouts May 13-16 from 5PM-8PM on field 4, we will have a canopy up at the SUSA kicks games at St. James Park from 8AM-4PM. We will try to get The Lewis’s to let us use their snow cone machine. Tryouts registration will be online.

Tracy makes a motion to appoint Chris to oversee the Rage FC website, Melodie second’s the motion, motion passed unanimously.

Director of Coaching Report:
Jose went over tournament expenses from 2019 tournament, total income was $212,900, and total expenses were $157,285. We did great, and expect to net even more next year. We will switch from Affinity to Gotsoccer for next year. Jose talked about a coaching program to use for trainings in the seasons in the future. It is thru soccertech.

Treasurer report:
Melodie went over what we made for the Rage Tournament. We had 307 teams and netted $55075 and will be closer to $60000 after credits back from Hotels, etc. She went over the monthly and annual expenses. We will add to the budget $3000 for coaching equipment. Checking is at $57,463.14 Savings $6,104.35. Melodie’s husband is going to create emails for each board member that will stay with the club, so board
members will have access that will then be passed on to new board members when the time comes.

Terry Ogden— Region 6 representative for UYSA— was present at the meeting to talk about the Disciplinary issue with Sergio Reza. There are 8 allegations against him, and Sergio has requested a hearing to dispute the allegations. After May 13th the team will no longer have ties to Rage FC. We can decide to offer spots to players who want to stay or cut ties completely.

Calindy talked about player cards for their teams and charging $100 per team that travels outside of Utah. If it is less that 48hrs before you leave for the tournament the fee will be $200.

Calindy made a Motion to buy 2 club canopies for $400 each, hector second, motion approved unanimously

Calindy made a motion to reimburse our risk management coordinator $300 each seasonal year. Tracy second’s. Motion is passed unanimously

We talked about getting an incident report official form that coaches can fill out and be kept on file.

Motion to adjourn by Chris, Melodie Second’s motion is passed unanimously at 9:24PM

Respectfully Submitted,
Calindy Twede

May 1, 2020

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