Date: December 3, 2018
Location: Liberty Restoration
Meeting Type: Regular Meeting

Officers Present:
Tracy Mitchell, Chris Brown, Hector Reynoso

Members Present:
Calindy Twede, Melodie Hardy, José Gaona

Terry Ogden, Paul Miravate

Tracy Mitchell called the Meeting to Order at 6:20PM.
Previous meeting discussed where Mike Terry was voted out after he submitted his resignation letter, and New Board was created with Tracy Mitchell as Chairman, Chris Brown as Vice Chairman, Hector Reynoso as Co Vice Chairman, Calindy Twede as Secretary and Club Registrar, and Melodie Hardy as Treasurer, and José Gaona to continue as the Director of Coaching.

Approved and voted on Sept. 13, 2018
Motion to approve the Dec 3, 2018 Meeting Minutes.
Hector made a motion, Melodie seconded, motion Passed unanimously

UYSA Rep. Terry Ogden guest speaking about Sideline Project for coaches and parents, we need a meeting with all Rage coaches to get them all to complete the sideline project and then get our parents of all players to complete it as well. Paul Miravate discussed the board responsibilities, and due dates to maintain 501 c 3 and membership with UYSA.

Paul went over expenses from previous 2018 tournament

Move to Motion:
Tracy made a motion to officially making José Gaona the Tournament Director for 2019

Calindy Second
Motion passed unanimously

Vice Chairperson’s Report:
Hector wants to attend ECNL Convention in January in Las Vegas, NV to see what we need to get a team associated with them. He will check prices, Paul is donating $500 to the Club and the club decided to use the funds for Hector to attend this event.

Director of Coaching Report:
We currently have 254 teams signed up for the 2019 with 202 who have paid and been accepted. Chris will create a google spreadsheet with Tournament funds and expenses
Jose is working with Octavio, Randolfo, and Eric to get signed up for the Dec. grassroots coaching course.

Treasurer report:
We currently have $130,235.37 in Checking and $6103.60 in Savings
Reimburse Chris $600 for UYSA 2018/2019 Registration
Reimburse Melodie $300 for UYSA 2018/2019 Registration
Reimburse Tracy $300 for UYSA 2018/2019 Registration

Tracy makes a motion to compensate board members the amount of 2 players soccer fees per seasonal year which is currently $600.

Melodie Seconds the motion
Motion passed unanimously

Melodie Motion to adjourn Passed

Respectfully Submitted,

Calindy Twede

May 1, 2020

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