Date: Aug 24th 2019
Location: UBI St George 1251 E 100 South
St George, UT 84790
Meeting Type: Regular Meeting

Officers Present:
Tracy, Chris, Hector

Members Present:
Melodie & Calindy

Guest: Kim Simon (Risk Management Coordinator)

Tracy called the Meeting to Order at 11:10AM. Hector Second, motion approved unanimously.

Motion to approve meeting minutes by Tracy, Melodie Second, minutes passed unanimously Dec 7 2019 @11:30 AM

Tracy as Chairperson’s Report discussed having #GaonaStrong added to uniforms of all players, Melodie priced it out and will cost roughly $100, Tracy wants to dedicate the 2019-2020 season to #GaonaStrong. Melodie will print the vinyl and add to the uniforms, by coordinating with the team managers. Tracy made a motion, Melodie
second, motion was approved unanimously.
Tracy discussed future board meeting dates. We need an event planning coordinator. Kim Simon has offered to do it.
Annual awards ceremony to be around May 9th or 11th
Next Board meeting to be Dec 7th, 2019 @11AM, March 6th @ 7PM, AGM to be held in June annually. June 13th, 2020 @ 6PM.
Tracy wants to use one communication platform for the entire club. Be ready to switch over by tryouts. Team Snap was suggested.
Club Trailer has been purchased. We need to add graphics. Hector will get a price quote.
Send girls to goals for girls camp, hosted by Utah Royals in August annually. Pay for the camp with apparel sales at the Rage Tournament. Maybe do a car wash.

Director of Coaching Report:
Not present, personal reasons

Treasurer Report:
Melodie talked about proposing the budget for the year, and have our Annual Budget Run from May 15, xxxx – May 14, xxxx.
Budget was discussed, yearly expenses are 63,036.80, approximate income is 73,825.00. Income left is 10,788.20. budget can be adjusted as needed. See attached budget file for more details. We adjusted the budget, where necessary.

Coaches Certification will be paid for by the club, and we will discuss with José how long they need to be committed to the club then vote to approve as a board. Calindy makes motion to approve budget and coach licensing to be paid out of DOC Budget, Melodie Seconds, approved unanimously.

Risk Management report: Kim Simon
Get better first aid bags for the coaches, cost is $35, which was approved with the budget, suggests we work with Tosh to oversee medical tents for 4 locations at our tournament. Mark Harris is the Tosh contact for us here is Southern Utah. He does free concussion checks for players that need to be checked and cleared to play. Tosh wants to be involved with our awards ceremony, date to be discussed. How can we get coaches to report it.
Player Training by acceleration, come to work with the team for about 30-40 minutes, free of charge. Acceleration hands out fliers, and players will get a discount if they sign up for the Acceleration program at Dixie Regional Medical Center.
Get coaches and players in the off season to do a fun club activity.

Calindy presented Secretary Report:
Player cards to be payed for by the club $100/team to be paid by coaches equipment budget. Calindy made a motion, Melodie second, passed unanimously Motion to adjourn at 2:15 PM, Calindy made a motion, Melodie second, passed unanimously

Respectfully Submitted,
Calindy Twede

May 1, 2020

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