Rage FC Board meeting September 26, 2014

Meeting Started: 9:10 PM

Attendance: Mike Terry, Paul Miravete, Jose Gaona, Jennifer Mild, Alicia McArthur

Agenda: Finances, Tournaments, Parent/player concerns, website

Alicia reviewed the club finances. Current balances were $253 in savings and approximately $4700 in checking.  A report will be completed to add to the website as per Rage FC bylaws.

A bounced check had been received and it was decided that the coach and team manager would discuss the issue with the family.

Paul had a child that had paid club & uniform fees but the child decided to quit before the end of the season.  As a board it was discussed how to handle the coaching fees for the rest of the season.  It was decided the best way to handle this would be to draft a letter to the family letting them know a spot was given to their child in good faith and that coaching fees were anticipated.  As a club it is more important to keep a good name in the community and collection of these fees might not happen.

A rebate of $400 is coming to Rage FC from the ordering of uniforms.  Jose was going to contact the company and request that a check be issued for the club now and not be held for future orders.

Alicia does not have a copy of the receipt for the uniform order and needs that.  Jose and Paul were going to get that to her.

Talk was done to add PayPal to the website to allow parents to use debit/credit cards to make payments for club dues and fees.  It was not decided who would do this or when it would be completed.

Alicia is going to cut checks for coaches fees and give them to Jose on Wednesday, October 1st.

Paul and Mike are waiving their fees.  Coaches to receive pay now are Jose, Alberto, Nick, Lance and Tim.

Club Gear:
Mike is going to look into ordering apparel for parents and families.  There is a tab on the website that can be used for this but we need to find a supplier and the easiest way to do it.

It was decided that at this time not all teams would be required to play in the same tournaments.  There are several local tournaments and some teams will be traveling to Las Vegas for tournaments.  Locally, it is good to take advantage of Dixie Invitational, President’s Cup and Red Rock Invitational (boys only). Premiere teams will be looking at showcase opportunities as they are available.

Parent/Player concerns:
It was mentioned that a parent had questioned the competitiveness of a team their child was part of. They were not happy that their child was not being pushed harder at practice and brought their concerns to Jose.  Jose explained to the parents the stand Rage FC is taking on soccer.  It was pointed out there is  a player curriculum on the web site and we can point parents to it.

There seemed to be no concerns about the website at this time.

Picture day:
It would be nice to take a full club photo at some point.  More discussion will happen about this at a future date.

Paul has suggested a soccer-thon to be done as a fund raiser for the club.  This will be a 1 day event with the anticipation that each player will raise $100 each.  It was decided to hold this at the end of the season on November 15th from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm.  10% of all the funds raised will go to a local charity.  Additional funds raised will help bring guest coaches to town as well as additional opportunities for the players.

Meeting concluded at 10:15 pm
April 30, 2020