Date: 05/15/2016
Location: Denny’s 1215 S Main St, ST George, Utah 84770
Meeting type: Annual General Meeting
Officers Present:
Lance Jackson
Paul Miravete
Gary Rink
Members Present:
Jose Gaona
Cynthia Hunter
Lance Jackson officially called the meeting to order at 7:57 PM.

Motion to approve the March 24th, 2016 Meeting Minutes Paul/Lance. Passed.

Chairperson Report: Conducted voting for new board members to serve June 1, 2016 through May 31, 2018. 4 Votes for Lance Jackson as Chairperson.
4 Votes for Mike Terry as Vice Chair.
4 Votes for Cynthia Hunter as secretary.
2 vacancies on the board, Treasurer and Vice Chair that the new board will try to fill within the next 30 days.

Lance requested a list of items and deadlines to submit licenses’ and tournament requests. The club license, Articles of Incorporation and Member Organization with UYSA need to be updated yearly.
Discussed updating website for pay collection and other functions.

Vice Chair Report: Paul explained the following to the incoming Board:
– The importance of Roberts Rules and its adherence.
– The Minutes format.
– Conflict of Interest (new Board members each signed copy ).
– Understanding and adherence to the clubs Bylaws. A brief overview of Bylaws, the clubs
non – profit 501c3 status, the binder, and conflict of interest form. Master Binder was given to the new Secretary that included the Bylaws, the clubs nonprofit 501c3 information, Articles of Incorporation, conflict of interest policy and all club material.
– Website content, in particular the Board Minutes, Bylaws and club content.
– Requirement to File Articles of Incorporation annually through Utah Divisions of Corporation.
– Requirement to apply for Tournament and Member Organization with UYSA annually.
– Requirement to file club taxes with IRS annually. RAGE uses Chad Atkinson, CPA, at Hinton Burdick.
– Requirement to submit Bylaws changes.
– To meet with Cynthia within the next week to go over this week’s minutes and view things on the website and to go over her duties in a little more detail. Recommended she look over Secretary duties in Bylaws.
A brief tournament update for 2017 was given advising the application had already been submitted and we should know in late October when UYSA Board meets if we got it. Recommended to the Board, early preparation for the 2017 RAGE invitational.

Secretary Report: Paul submitted the March 24, 2016 minutes on Mary’s behalf.

Treasure Report: Gary stated the club balance as of 05/04/2016 was $15,152.81 and that we needed to find another treasurer, he was not seeking another term.

Committee Reports: Jose, the Technical Director discussed the Presidents cup and asked RAGE to help sponsor the BU-16 coaches during the tournament. Jose would also like to have a welcome letter given out to players after tryouts and a signing to welcome the players to Rage FC and their new teams. Cynthia offered to make a Rage FC signup sheet with all the links on it that she will email Jose to see if it can be used to give to the new players at tryouts. She will also present it at the next board meeting for approval so it may be added to the website.

New Business: The board members discussed updating and streamlining the website for payment collections. Cynthia suggested allowing team managers or coaches to make deposits so money is deposited quicker and there is more accountability. The new board will discuss this at the next meeting. Lance and Jose discussed uniform pricing that will be addressed during the next meeting. Paul reiterated the clubs mission to use part of the $75.00 club fee to sponsor at least 2 kids, with financial hardship, from each team to play soccer with Rage FC. During tryouts, this information will be given to parents and players along with the proper application forms.

Move to Motion by Lance to pay the BU16 coaches $500.00 each for their expenses at the President’s Cup Regional’s tournament in Denver.
Motion Lance/Paul. Passed
Next Meeting: June 2nd 2016 at 7:30 PM
Motion to Adjourn meeting at 9:00 Pm. Passed

Respectfully Submitted,

By Cynthia Hunter (Incoming Secretary)
On behalf of Mary Lloyd
RAGE FC Secretary

April 30, 2020

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