Rage FC Board Meeting July 14, 2014

Meeting Started: 8:45

Attendance: Alicia McArthur, Paul Miravete, Jose Gaona, Mike Terry, Jennifer Mild

Board positions filled:

Secretary – Alicha nominated Jennifer Mild and Mike seconded it. Vote passed

Director of Coaching – Mike nominated Paul and Jose seconded it. Vote passed.

Board of directors has been filled.

Club Fees
Much discussion was done in regards to club fees and costs. The following was proposed:

- $50 club fee
- $10 per month for coaching fees to be paid for 10 months
- Total fees to be $150 for the year
- Club fee to be paid upfront but payment plans can be done for the coaching fees as needed.
- Mike motioned for this to pass, Jose seconded and was unanimously passed.

Annual Expenses
Paul provided everyone with an estimated annual budget. Changes were made to the following items:

Coaching fees: estimate was $10,000 and was changed to $9000 changing the total estimated income to $18,000.
Coaching fees: original estimate was $600 per coach per season and this was lowered to $500 per coach per season. This change dropped the estimated expense from $9,600 to $9,000.
Medical expense for “wraps”: due to liability issues this item has been removed from the budget. Due to liability issues to the club and with Southern Utah Soccer Association, our coaches are unable to tape or wrap injuries. $200 line item was removed.
Travel budget: $1200 has been budgeted for travel expenses. As this term is very vague it was discussed what this should cover. It was suggested that this should only cover travel to regional and/or national tournaments as the costs are expensive and funding raising times can be very short. This item will carry over from year to year if a Rage FC team does not qualify for these tournaments. Jennifer motioned, Mike seconded and motion passed unanimously.

Total expenses were decreased to $18,300 due to the changes made.

Tim Mild will represent Rage FC as the goal keeper coach for all teams and will hold training sessions weekly and more frequently as needed/wanted. Full coach compensation will be paid. Paul motioned, Jose seconded and motion passed.

Meeting ended at10:02 PM
April 30, 2020