December 22, 2015

Present: Paul, Mike , Gary, and Mary

It was a special meeting, and it began at 4:00 PM.

Club bylaws were reviewed and discussed in detail. Compliance to these bylaws was highly

It was clarified that Gary Rink remains an active board member and the RAGE FC Treasurer. He never

We made a motion to remove Jose Gaona as President. We also made a motion to offer him a new
position as Technical Director, a non board member position. This motion was passed.
We made a motion to reinstate Paul Miravete as President, and it was passed.

We made a motion to rename Board of Director titles to:
Vice Chairperson
Vice Chairperson
This motion was passed.

We made a motion to advance $1,000 immediately to Technical Director and to discuss a monthly
amount at a future board meeting. The duties of the Technical Director include: oversight of Director
of Coaches, Coaches, Team Managers, Players, Camps, Clinics, Team Tournament participation,
Uniforms, USSF/UYSA guidelines, Player Safety, Tryouts and Club/Team Fees. This motion was

A motion was made to assign Paul Miravete as Tournament Director with full support from all
members. The motion was passed.

A motion was made to allow our Technical Director to earn commission, profits and income from
clinics, camps, uniform/equipment sales with no Conflict of Interest concerns as long as Treasurer is
given proper accounting beforehand. This motion was passed.

Our meeting adjourned at 5:45 PM.

April 30, 2020

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