AUGUST 28, 2015

Present:  Paul, Jose, Mike, Gary, and Mary

Jose welcomed everyone to the meeting.

We discussed the importance of advertising board meetings 30 days in advance so that everyone is invited.

Paul began with our agenda.  He updated our board by thoroughly explaining the 501(c) (3) application.
RAGE FC’s home base is iGo.biz.  We will need to pick up all mail from this building.
At the end of the year we will need to file a 990 form.
We’re a non-profit organization, a corporation.
We have by-laws written on our website.
If the club fails, we must have a dissolution of everything.

We reviewed the Conflict of Interest Policy.
We have to have 5 people on the board and we do.
Everyone needs to sign the policy.

We went over board member responsibilities.
Jose – oversees, he has the vision
Gary – money and recording of funds
Mary – records, updating new board members and our address with the state of UT
Mike – Vice President
Paul – Director of Coaches

We went over the RAGE FC Budget.
We need to know the exact number of players and coaches on each team so we can have an exact income number.  Jose said he would get the rosters with this information to Gary as soon as possible.
It was decided to have Keepers’ Training one time per week.
We voted in favor of a Technical Director for RAGE.
We added coaching gear to our expenses, $200 per team, for a total of $2,200.
We decided that Jose, Mike, and Gary can all sign and approve checks.
Gary will issue checks and have control of the checkbook so we don’t have any future overdraft problems.
Any check that is issued should have an approved invoice.
Each team should have a team manager keeping track of players’ dues.  It would be helpful to have a separate account on the books for each team for the receipts and expenses.
We decided that coaching fees need to be paid directly to RAGE FC, not to the coaches.
Our checking account balance is $3,799.20.

We need to get our prior minutes and our previous financial reports.

The deadline for our Tournament Application will be in October.  We voted to call it the RAGE INVITATIONAL.

Our next meeting will be held on Friday, November 6th at 6:00 PM.

April 30, 2020

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